Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this work?
A: We rent out the space by private, hourly appointments. An appointment grants one access to the entire collection. You’re free to look around, take pictures, play the instruments, record the instruments, ask questions, or whatever else you’re interested in doing here.

Q: How much does an appointment cost?
A: Basic appointments start at $40/hr and go up $10/hr per person you add to the reservation. There is a two hour minimum for groups under 4 people. If you need a full-time recording engineer, or would like group instruction, the rate will go up accordingly.

Q: Are all of the instruments plugged in?
A: Yes, for the most part. Most of the synths, drum machines, samplers, effects, and sequencers are plugged in and ready to play and record, with the exception of a few pieces, which can easily be hooked up.

Q: Can I play the synths, drum machines, sequencers, etc..?
A: Yes. Our main goal is get these amazing instruments into your hands.

Q: Can I record the synths, drum machines, sequencers, etc..?
A: Yes. The majority of the collection is running into one of four mixers which are routed to our recording interface. Our computer is running Logic X and Ableton Live 9. If you would like to use our computer, to record, all you need to do is bring a flash drive.

Q: Do I need to book an appointment in advance?
A: You’re welcome to book in last minute, but we can’t guarantee that it won’t already be booked out.

Q: Am I cool enough to book an appointment at VSM?
A: Yes you are. You’re an amazing person who deserves the best.

Q: Will there be people there judging my skills?
A: Nope. Not unless you bring some judgey people with you. We’re just happy to have people of all backgrounds over here to enjoy and explore this magical place.

Q: Can I just stop in and look around?
A: No. Unfortunately, we have to pay to be here, and you’ll have to pay to be here too. If you would like to see the space, we would encourage you to get a group of friends together and book an appointment, or attend one of our workshops or events, or contact us to buy a t-shirt, and pick it up here. We are not supported by any State or National art grants. We are completely dependent on your support.